What makes a champion? Bert Henderson probably knows with his 21 years of racing experience in the 2.5 litre, 5 litre and Grand Prix classes.

“Before a race, I isolate myself and I try to think of strategies that I may use. I visualize it several times from the beginning to the end, and I think about what I would do if I made a mistake.”

Naturally humble, even if he has been named the 2015 Driver of the Year by the ACHA, this Brockville native always requests to shake hands with his opponents before a race. It is important for him to hold both the sport and its participants to high standards. His esteem for racing has intensified after his accident in Saint-Félicien in 2014, where he had to put his fears aside to return to the competition: “Winning Saint-Félicien in 2015 was redemption for me. I have even more respect for the sport today.”

For this lover of mac and cheese and Bon Jovi, pre-race preparation is of utmost importance and he never fails to kiss his wife and son, both huge fans of racing. Indeed, his son, at only 12 years old, already competes in the Stock Outboard States of the American Power Boat Association. There is no doubt that the Henderson family is fuelled by the sounds of engines!

The champion of the 2015 Grand Prix is aware of what he will have to face in the upcoming 2016 season. This year will not be easy. “I have to defend my title against Andrew Tate and Brandon Kennedy, two excellent drivers and great rivals.”


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