Grand Prix class!

Once again, the multiple class champion, Bert Henderson will be driving the Steeler (GP-777). The five-time Valleyfield Regatta champion will however need to be wary of several other hunger drivers whose only goal will be to dethrone him.

Jean Théorêt will join the GP-777 Steeler team as a back up driver. He will drive at St-Félicien and Tonawanda for the 2018 season. He will have the chance to do the qualifications on Saturday at Cambridge, Gananoque and Valleyfield to be more familiar with the hydroplane.

Mathieu Daoust (GP-9) will be driving Mario Blain’s former Canada Boy. Remember that this hull is the latest built by Jamie Auld. This improvement in equipment should help Daoust be even more competitive, he who finished 2nd in the Championship last year.

Third in the championship last year, Brandon Kennedy (GP-25) took possession of the old GP-101 that is still considered to be one of the best hulls built by Bert Henderson.

Richard Hearn, a newcomer to the Grand Prix class, who also owns the F-14 and H-14, is amongst the top contenders of the HRL class. Hearn’s team is currently completing the construction of the boat that will be driven by none other than Andrew Tate. Donny Allen will also be called on a few occasions during the season. You can bet that this team will be extremely competitive right from the start.

Tom Thompson will also be back at the wheel of the only wooden boat in the entire HRL. According to the latest information, Thompson and his partner Randy English have made some changes in the sponsons that should make this team even more competitive much to the delight of Grand Prix fans.


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