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Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please send us an email to info@regates.ca or call us at 450 371-6144.
If you have any questions about disabled access, please contact us.

No dictionary defines the word hydroplane.


Here is our definition: Hydroplane [idroplan] n. - A single-seat carbon hull with two pontoons and a safety capsule. It is propelled out of the water by a propeller, which is powered by a powerful 468 cubic inch supercharged engine in Grand Prix class.


In addition to this definition, there is a top speed of up to 225 km/h, mandatory left turns, frequent skids, risk of collision, sometimes zero visibility, and no braking system. Extreme sensations guaranteed, reflexes and judgment optional.


A hydroplane is an airplane with its wings removed. At high speed, the air enters the free space between the two pontoons - the tunnel - and lifts the boat. Only the propeller and the two pontoons are in contact with the water.

The 84th edition of the Régates de Valleyfield will take place on July 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2024.

The races will take place at Delpha-Sauvé Park, located at 240 Victoria Street in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

The site will be open from 8 a.m. until the end of the last show of the evening.

By phone at 450 371-6144 or by email at info@regates.ca.
Children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult to access the site.

Races are only cancelled in the event of deluge, storm or high winds.

The price of the Régates passports is $100 for adults and $55 for teens aged 13 to 17.

Régates Passports and parking passes can only be purchased online at www.regatesvalleyfield.com  or in person at the Valspec box office.

You can purchase up to 8 tickets on a single invoice.

Yes, you can buy tickets on the same day. 

Admission is free for children 12 and under.

Tel qu’il est inscrit sur votre billet électronique, celui-ci est invalide dès qu’il fait l’objet d’une plainte assermentée au service de police local à l’effet qu’il a été volé. Le détenteur de ce billet assume toutes les responsabilités quant aux risques et dangers pouvant découler de cette activité et renonce à toutes réclamations pour pertes et dommages résultant de quelque cause que ce soit, subie par le détenteur, que ce soit avant, pendant ou après l’attraction. Important : Aucun échange ou remboursement. Aucune remise des frais de billetterie. Nul si déclaré volé. L’utilisation de ce billet est soumise aux règlements en vigueur sur les lieux de l’événement. La direction se réserve le droit de refuser l’accès ou d’expulser toute personne ayant un comportement jugé déplacé, avec ou sans remboursement du billet.


Your ticket is valid only once: your ticket has a barcode that will be checked with a reader to ensure that each ticket is presented only once.


Tuxedo and the event management are not responsible if your ticket is copied without authorization and/or used by a third party. In the event that your ticket is copied without authorization, you may be denied access to the site.

Yes, once on the site, you can choose your location to watch the races.

Yes, we recommend that all festival goers bring their own reusable water bottle!

Folding chairs are accepted.

Yes you can bring your own food to the site, try to limit your waste by bringing a 0 waste lunch!

It is possible to bring food in a cooler, but it is forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks on the site.

Yes, bars and food concessions will be on site to serve you.

Yes, chemical toilets will be available on site.

Parking tickets can be purchased online. No parking tickets will be sold on site.

If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please send us an email to info@regates.ca or call us at 450 371-6144.
If you have any questions about disabled access, please contact us.