Even if its 79 years old, the Régates de Valleyfield can assure you that the organization is up to date when it comes to technology. Printed tickets are now a thing of the past  because the RFID technology has arrived on Campivallensien soil!

Since last fall the team has been working with the judicious guidance of the Connect-N-Go Company to come up with the best method to use this technology that has many benefits. Aside from simplifying access to the site for the festivalgoers, and easier control for the employees at the entrances, it’s a new experience that awaits the participants on the site.

Annick Primeau Ticket Director for the Régates de Valleyfield explains, “ We have a wide variety of tickets being used to gain access to the site in different areas. Our seasoned employees have to deal with this complexity before and during the event. The RFID bracelets will greatly simplify things and make things easier to manage.”

The benefits of this addition are numerous, whether it’s to speed up the service at refreshment booths, adding a new game or activity on the site, or to access social media reports.  All information is transmitted through a tiny computer chip hidden in the bracelet.

David Rochon, Director of corporate sales explains:  “The Connect-N-Go team will accompany us in our quest to optimize the advantages for the festivalgoers and the organization by using these bracelets like many huge festivals such as Osheaga and the Super Bowl,”

Heading towards the 80th anniversary of the event in 2018, the Régates de Valleyfield team is elated to make this giant step in technology. To get your bracelet and begin your experience as of now, go to


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